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Mariana Taffarel
Pilates Trainerin

Having grown up in Brazil, where movement, rhythm, and dance were integral parts of her upbringing, Mariana has been immersed in various forms of dance and movement for over two decades. Her journey began with eight years of ballet training before branching out into different dance styles. In 2012, Mariana was introduced to Pilates by her physiotherapist as a remedy for scoliosis and back pain. Upon relocating to Switzerland, she rekindled her passion for Pilates, embracing it not only as a physical practice but also as a source of mental relaxation.
Mariana finds the combination of challenge and relaxation in Pilates deeply rewarding. In 2023, she completed the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training at Body Arts and
Science International (BASI Pilates Academy) in Zürich. Her mission is to impart to her clients the holistic benefits of Pilates, including enhanced flexibility, muscle strength, body
awareness, stress reduction, and a sense of joy.
Mariana teaches in English, German and Brazilian Portuguese.

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